The Rational Energies Mission
Ed Driscoll

Ed Driscoll

Chief Executive Officer

In 1996 I co-founded a company that today manages the internet infrastructure for the US Navy and Marine Corps. That put me in direct contact with the Admirals and Generals who manage the largest logistics organization in the world. They are responsible for the movement of enormous amounts of people and material around the world. Their biggest logistical challenge is fuels. The military buys nearly 100 million barrels of petroleum products each year. That's enough fuel for 1,000 cars to drive around the world 4,620 times and it makes the Department of Defense the single largest consumer of petroleum in the U.S.A. A $0.25 rise in the price of jet fuel costs the military an extra $1 billion. It is no wonder the military considers oil to be our country’s number one strategic vulnerability. The use of foreign oil weakens our economy and we are fighting wars to defend our access to that oil. That makes no sense. As a result, the Department of Defense is working to find better ways to produce and consume energy.

This is the type of challenge I find appealing. I earned their business in the past, perhaps I could do it again by selling them fuel. I decided to take action.

At the same time, Ian Mackay had decided that it was time to find a better way to produce fuel. Ian is a chemist and a brilliant technology integrator who had been working on ways to convert biomass into fuel. Fortunately for me, we were introduced through mutual friends at the University of Minnesota. Ian opened my eyes to a wide array of technologies and processes and showed me how they could form the basis for an energy business that made sense. We shared similar goals and our respective experiences with business and technology made for a great combination. We decided to join forces and Rational Energies was born.

Together, we started testing different raw materials (feedstocks), economic models and chemical processes. It took us years of fund-raising and research and engineering to find the right combination of technology, feedstock and products to create a business that would be economically, ecologically and socially sustainable. Eventually we determined that by combining garbage as a feedstock with transportation fuels as a product we could build an enduring business.

Energy consumption is essential to life. Energy makes food production and health care and modern education possible. Our growing population will continue to consume massive amounts of energy in the future, but the way we produce this energy must change in order to effectively meet that growing demand.

Waste is simply energy trapped in an unusable form. Transforming the unusable energy trapped in garbage into a useable form of energy is the first step toward a better future.

That is what Energy Transformation is all about.

As demand increases, Rational Energies will develop new ways of producing better and cleaner forms of fuel from other forms of waste beyond garbage. Together with a powerful team of people, Ian and myself have built a company with a simple mission: to build the best energy company.

The best energy company will satisfy the energy demands of the future by producing high quality, sustainable and effective fuels.

We change the way the world produces energy.